About Us

frozen-yogurt_imagesFroYo Mill is a locally owned self-serve frozen yogurt shop.  We provide customers with a variety of healthy choices including: low and non fat, dairy free and no sugar added desserts for those that are health conscious but like to enjoy frozen treats, while avoiding the fat, guilt, dairy intolerance or gluten based products that can prove problematic.

Our self-serve toppings bar has over 40 toppings for you to choose from to create an ideal frozen dessert creation. Our entire frozen yogurt line is low fat or non fat, and gluten-free.  Choose from dairy/lactose free or no sugar added – making our desserts friendlier to all, even those with food allergies. We make it easy for you to create your own frozen dessert in just 4 easy steps: (1) Pick a cup (2) dispense your favorite frozen yogurt flavors (3) select your toppings and load up at the toppings bar , then (4) weigh it, pay it and enjoy!